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General Chair:

Ms Xinzhu Pang, Queen’s University Belfast

Mr Cai Yunfan, Tianjin University

Programme Chair:

Mr Junhan Cheng, Queen’s University Belfast

Ms Zhou Yingying, Tianjin University

Organizing Committee Chair:

Mr Harrison Hampton, Queen’s University Belfast

Mr Shuzhuang Sun, Queen’s University Belfast

Mr Tang Zhipeng, Tianjin University

Advisory Committee ( UCEER21-ECZ key members)

Professor Yan Jin, Queen's University Belfast

Melissa Laverty, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Chunfei Wu, Queen's University Belfast

Shuang Qiu, Tianjin University

Professor Sarah Spurgeon, University College London

Professor Hao Liu, The University of Nottingham

Professor Jihong Wang, The University of Warwick

Professor Jianzhong Wu, The University to Cardiff

Professor Yulong Ding, The University of Birmingham

Professor Alan Marshall, University of Liverpool

Dr Tim Coombs, University of Cambridge

Professor Kang Li, University of Leeds

UK-China Joint PhD Conference
UK-China Joint PhD Conference