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Supporting Research.

Supporting AFBI.


Anyone registered to use the Library can borrow from its book and pamphlet collections. 


To borrow books from the Library present them at an Issue Desk or get in touch via email or phone to have the books sent by post to your branch.  AFBI staff can borrow 30 books for 12 weeks.

Overdues and recalls

All Library users receive notification from the Library alerting them about overdue material or asking them to return material which is in demand by another reader.

To ensure that books are returned on time and recalled books (i.e. those required by another reader) are returned promptly please check My Account regularly.

Renewing items

Books due for return may be renewed up to five times if not wanted by another reader but then they must be returned to the Library.  Material can be renewed by using My Account on the Library catalogue or by contacting library staff at Issue Desks in person or by telephone.

Please note that all library loans are subject to recall if requested by another borrower in which case the books on loan that have been recalled must be returned by the revised date and cannot be renewed.

Making Requests

It is possible to reserve any book currently on loan via the Library catalogue or by contacting Issue Desk staff.