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IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology


If you are able to contribute to the aims and objectives of the Forensic Geological Analysis of Crimes in International Mining, Minerals and Metals (FGACIMMM) Special Project then please contact the project leads Dr Laurance Donnelly or Dr Duncan Pirrie.  We are especially interested in hearing from colleagues working in the mining / minerals industry and law enforcement.

Current Project members include:

Dr Laurance Donnelly

Dr Duncan Pirrie 

Dr Robert Schouwstra

Dr Carlos Molina

Dr Fabio Salvador,

Ms Caroline Quirke

Commander Mark Harrison

Prof Rob Fitzpatrick

Prof Biplob Chatterjee

Ms Jodi Webb

Prof Rosa Maria DiMaggio

Prof Lorna Dawson

Dr Alastair Ruffell

Professor Jenny McKinley

Prof Patrick Randolph-Quinney

IUGS Special Project
IUGS Special Project