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Personal Development Review (PDR) Skills for Reviewees

Event Description



A short, practical workshop for staff of all categories who wish to develop skills to support their PDR.  This event is designed to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Focus the thinking of participants on the purpose of PDR, the expectations of PDR conversations and the benefits for both Reviewer and Reviewee
  • Emphasise that meaningful, positive and ongoing conversations are the key to a successful PDR approach
  • Develop practical skills to prepare for PDR conversations as a Reviewee
  • Develop confidence and practical skills to participate in PDR conversations to agree priorities and plan for personal and career development.

Please note:

  • These workshops are designed to develop skills for PDR conversations
  • Reviewers and Reviewees are encouraged to read the PDR policy, guidance and FAQs before attending the course
  • Participants should seek further advice from their line manager if there are specific issues relating to PDR or Academic Progression as these may not be addressed during these skills sessions
  • PDR Skills Development workshops are facilitated by an external learning partner organisation: ThinkPeople Consulting;
  • Participants will be provided with additional resources during these sessions.


Dates/Times: (Please see dates/times in link below - Additional Information PDF)

These sessions will be delivered frequently until the end of the transition year PDR cycle (end of June 2020). From July 2020 PDR skills sessions will be scheduled as part of the ongoing L&D programme.


3.5 hours

Additional Information PDF: Dates: PDR Skills - sessions for Reviewees

Aims/Aimed at

A short, practical workshop for staff of all categories who wish to develop skills to support their PDR.

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Course Contact Details

Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5381 / 1983
New Course: Yes
Course Type(s): Human Resources/Personnel Events
Staff Categories: All Staff
Keywords: PDR, Personal development review, review, reviewer, appraisal, appraiser