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Cancer Caring Coping

Welcome to Cancer Caring Coping

Within these pages you will see and hear the stories and experiences of real cancer caregivers who want to give support, advice and tips for coping in the caring role.  Importantly, if you are a cancer caregiver, you will find guidance on how to look after yourself as well as your loved one.


An Introduction

Here at Queen’s University Belfast, we’ve conducted research which has showed us that, if you care for someone who’s affected by cancer, be that a family member of a friend, then your health can also be affected.

Dr Olinda Santin, from the School of Nursing and Midwifery, gives an introduction to the information and support, available on this website. 

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What helps us
Cancer Caregivers 9
Cancer Caring Coping
When Cancer First Came into our Lives
Coping with cancer diagnosis
Cancer Caregivers 2
Cancer Caring Coping
Getting Through the Treatment
How to manage treatment options
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Cancer Caring Coping
Caring for Yourself
Looking out for your own wellbeing
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Cancer Caring Coping
Supporting You to Care
Experiences with advanced stage cancer
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Cancer Caring Coping
Bereavement and Life After Caring

For some carers bereavement is a reality. Carers who have experienced the death of their loved one share painful and emotional stories of loss and how they cope in the days, weeks, months and years afterwards.

Life After Caring
Our Stories
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Real Carers
Our Stories

Meet real carers, and hear their stories and experiences in full.

Our Stories
Support for the Emotional Impact of Caring
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Advice & Support
Support for the Emotional Impact of Caring

Looking after someone with cancer can have an emotional impact on you as carer. It's OK to feel a range of emotions and there are a number of ways in which you can support your own wellbeing.

Emotional Support
Financial and Employment Support
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Advice & Benefits
Financial and Employment Support

Caring for someone with cancer can have financial implications. And if you are employed the experience can also impact on your job and income. There is advice and support available and you may be entitled to benefits.

Tips on Finance
Top Tips from Professionals
Cancer Caregivers Nurse Alex McAfee (800x533)
Top Tips
From Professionals

Professionals give their top tips for coping with a cancer caregiving role

Top Tips
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