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External Expert Board

8 board members will support the project to ensure the research being carried out is relevant and is of maximum value to everyone


Ben Hoen

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Claudia Juech

Cloudera Foundation

Maarten Wolsink

University of Amsterdam

Bonnie Ram

Ram Power Consultancy and University of Delaware

Ben is Chair of the MISTRAL External Expert Board. Ben is a Research Scientist in the Electricity Markets and Policy Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Ben conducts research and analysis on renewable energy, including: renewable energy policy analysis and assistance; cost, benefit, and market analysis; and public acceptance and market barriers.

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Claudia is the founding CEO and a board member of the Cloudera Foundation. Working with partners around the globe, she and her team identify and support large-scale, data-driven opportunities to address the world’s pressing challenges in any area of critical need, such as in health, the environment, economic inequality, education and more.


Maarten currently works at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam. His research concerns are in Environmental Geography, and human-society-environment relations more broadly. Special issues are primarily renewable energy systems - distributed generation within intelligent grid configurations - energy policy, and institutional analysis with regards energy innovation, energy infrastructure decisions.

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Bonnie is a Senior Researcher and Associate Director of the Center for Research in Wind at the University of Delaware. Her research focuses on the low-carbon transformations of the electricity sectors in different countries with an emphasis on wind energy siting strategies and decision science, stakeholder engagement strategies, and environmental and climate change risks and benefits analyses.

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Jamie Baxter

University of Western Ontario

Ana Isabel Afonso

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Garry Keegan

Infrastucture Projects Consulting

Dorina Iuga


Jamie is a social scientist interested in a variety of topics including: environmental risks from hazards, community responses to technological hazards, environmental inequities, environment and health, geography of health, noxious facility siting, and methodology.

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Ana’s main research interests include social change and development, visual anthropology, renewable energy and the environment, applied anthropology, social impact analysis.

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Garry is a leading community impact and conflict intervention expert in the area of infrastructure and urban development. He leads a team of associates dedicated to negotiating and managing solutions with external stakeholders, in particular local communities located in close proximity to new buildings and new infrastructure single and multi-site facilities.

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Dorina is a Senior Project Manager in WindEurope. Since she joined the association at the end of 2008, Dorina has managed and worked on several  EU funded projects and market uptake policies. She covered topics related to social acceptance (WisePower), administrative and grid barriers to wind energy (WindBarriers) and health and safety (Wind Harmony).

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