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Recording Consent


Recording Consent for UCEER22-ECZ

This form is to be agreed on by each participant when completing the registration form. Participants agree to be recorded in audio and/or video format as the principal party to, or as part of, the UK-CHINA JOINT PhD CONFERENCE ‘ENGINEERING FOR CARBON ZERO’ ---UCEER22-ECZ carried out online by Queen’s University Belfast. The purpose of this form is to seek consent for the recordings to be made and subsequently to be shared at the UCEER22-ECZ website until 31st May 2022, by Queen’s University of Belfast. 

It is necessary to license your performance rights and copyright to Queen’s University of Belfast, so that the University can make the recorded presentation content legally available for educational and research purposes. The privacy notice is available at

Conference presenter

I, the undersigned, agree to being recorded in audio/video format by Queen’s University of Belfast. Where there are materials created by me included within my presentation, I grant to Queen’s University of Belfast a perpetual, worldwide licence to make these available through the recordings, for educational/research purposes.

I agree to license all performance rights1 in the recordings to Queen’s University of Belfast on a perpetual, worldwide basis for educational/research purposes.

I confirm that where material is included in the recording which is the intellectual property, including copyright, of another party, I have either: (a) secured permission to include the materials in my presentation, including permission to record such material, or (b) determined that statutory exceptions (e.g. fair dealing) apply to my use of the third party material.

I understand that any copyright or other intellectual property which arises in the recording2 belongs to Queen’s University of Belfast.

I understand the use of my personal data being processed for the purposes of this recording and subsequent publishing. My personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of data protection law. 


Images and recordings may not be re-used outside the institution without prior permission from Queen’s University of Belfast. In particular, content cannot be sold or used by way of trade without the express permission of the copyright holder. Personal details of those taking part are never made available to third parties.

Name of event:


Date of event: 12-14 April 2022



1 See s.182 CDPA []

2 As per the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, (CDPA) [] 

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