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Control 2016 - 11th International Conference on Control

The UKACC (United Kingdom Automatic Control Council) International Conference on Control (CONTROL 2016) will be the eleventh in this now well established series of prestigious biennial events which is to be held in Belfast, UK, from the 31st August - 2nd September 2016. CONTROL 2016 will be organised through the Energy, Power and Intelligent Control (EPIC) research cluster within the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Queen's University Belfast. The conference will prove to be a truly international event with a strong industrial involvement.

The scope of the conference is quite wide but generally covers the theory and applications of control in multiple disciplines. Some of the areas are listed in the following

  • Advanced Control and Informatics
  • Algorithms and Architectures of Control Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence in Control
  • Biomedical Engineering Systems
  • Control Applications in Transportation Systems
  • Design Methods of Control Systems
  • Energy Efficiency and Environmental Systems
  • Estimation and Filtering for Control
  • Fault Detection and Condition Monitoring
  • Image, Signal and Information Processing  
  • Industrial Process Applications of Control
  • Educational Developments in Control
  • Logistics and Scheduling in Manufacturing
  • Modelling and Simulation Tools for Control
  • Networked Control Systems and Applications
  • Nonlinear Control Systems Design
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Smart Sensors and Actuators
  • Supply Chain Modelling and
  • System Identification
Conference Photos
Conference Photos