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NI Science Fest - Thursday 15th and Friday 16th February

Climate Emergency Department

Event Description

Have you ever wondered what the healthcare of the future might look like? Imagine the year 2035, and our doctors of tomorrow are working a busy shift in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Rising global temperatures and erratic weather events have introduced a new range of challenges for our doctors to overcome to treat their patients. Flooding has shut down the M1, GPs are treating more patients with infective diseases, and temperatures are rising. This is Climate Emergency Department.

This is an interactive simulation, which means you get thrown right into the action. Our facilitators need your help in treating their patients 

For children aged 10-14, this session is aimed at getting children involved in healthcare and thinking about the effect that climate change has on us all!


10 yrs +

Suitability: 10 - 14 Yrs


Thurs 15 & Fri 16 Feb, 1:00pm & 1:45pm


Medical Biology Centre,
School of Biological Sciences,
Queen’s University Belfast,
97 Lisburn Road,

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Free (Tickets can be ordered here)