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AJ McKnight

Dr Amy Jayne (AJ) McKnight has a keen interest developing excellent research and improving resources for individuals living and working with rare diseases.  AJ has worked for rare disease communities for ~40 years, more recently extending this interest into formal research at QUB where we are building an enthusiatic and productive rare disease research team. 


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Our Staff

Dr McAneney is a Lecturer in the Centre for Public Health.  Helen is particularly interested in applying her skills in trial methodology working in the areas of health service research, with a particular focus on rare disease. 

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Dr Julie McMullan is a post doctoral research fellow carrying out research around communication and education of rare diseases.  Julie enjpys meeting the people 'on the ground' and hearing their stories and experiences.  Julie is keen that the work she does raises awareness of rare diseases as well as contributing to improving care in Northern Ireland and further afield. 

Since joining our team in 2017, Julie has worked on multiple rare disease research projects.  In 2018 Julie was shortlisted for the QUB postdoc's 'outstanding engagement' award for her rare disease work; this quote from a rare disease patient says it all, “Julie has boundless energy, rolling her sleeves up and giving her all to help identify and prioritise rare disease actions”.

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Dr Laura Smyth completed her PhD with Prof Maxwell and Dr McKnight researching molecular risk factors for chronic kidney disease.  As a post doctoral research fellow, Laura is extending her complementary wet-lab and bioinformatic expertise to help identify and better understand molecular risk factors for rare diseases.

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Dr Kerry Moore (Longmore) did her PhD with Prof O'Neill & Dr McKnight researching epigenetic risk factors for Parkinson's Disease.  For the last few years Kerry has focused her attention towards supporting and improving the lives of individuals living with rare diseases.  Kerry works with QUB colleagues and the Northern Ireland Rare Disease Partnership; she is a recipient of the The Rank Foundation's Time to Shine Internship Programme.

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Our PhD students...

Ashleen Crowe is undertaking her PhD with Dr McAneney & Dr McKnight, which is titled, 'Improving communication and identifying priorities for modernising rare disease services with healthcare practitioners, patients, families and advocacy groups'.  Ashleen has recently returned from maternity leave and has recommenced her studies.


Ashleen's research is currently funded by the Department for the Economy PhD studentship scheme.

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Katie Kerr (Brown) is undertaking her PhD with Dr McKnight, Dr McAneney & Dr Flanaghan developing effective ‘omic’ strategies for rare disease research and diagnosis in Northern Ireland.


Katie's research is currently funded by a CAST PhD studentship by the Department for the Economy and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust as part of the NI Genomic Medicine Centre project, which is funded by the Department of Health NI and the Medical Research Council.

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Caitlin Bailie (Montgomery) is currently undertaking her PhD with Prof Maxwell and Dr McKnight.  After taking some time out with her growing family, Caitlin is now extending her molecular expertise to practical rare disease issues.  


Caitlin's research is currently funded by the Department for the Economy PhD studentship scheme.

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Philip Watt is undertaking his PhD with Dr Helen McAneney & Dr AJ McKnight, which is titled, 'How social determinants of health impact on people with Cystic Fibrosis in Ireland'. 

Philip is working on his PhD part-time alongside his day-day commitments. 

Rasha Alhazzaa is undertaking her PhD with Dr Shane McKee and Dr AJ McKnight, working on, "Maximising e-health initiatives to support the diagnosis and tracking of rare diseases".


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