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Our BSc students...

Kirsten Downes conducted her research project with Dr Julie McMullan & Dr AJ McKnight entitled, "Caring for someone with a rare disease: An insight into the life of a carer".

This project explored challenges carers face when looking after someone with a rare disease and identify how they could be better supported in this role.  For more information on Kirsten's project please see here.

Jayne Gillis conducted her research project with Katie Kerr, Laura Smyth, and AJ McKnight entitled, "Multi-omic analyses to improve molecular diagnosis for rare diseases".

A critical challenge for the rare disease community is improving the ‘diagnostic odyssey’; more than five years is the average time to diagnosis with half of patients receiving at least one wrong diagnosis before getting the right one. Many rare diseases have a molecular cause, but better tools are required to enable accurate, efficient diagnosis.  This project worked with emerging tools to help develop new tools for molecular diagnosis.


Related to our rare disease work, Alex Patterson worked with Cheryl Flanaghan and AJ McKnight researching, "Obesity educational interventions in clinical programmes: a review of current course content and identified gaps".  More information on Alex's project is available here.